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Village 7 Swim Club: Signs of Life

During the process of opening this pool, I've been there every single day since Memorial Day Weekend. Neighbors have peeked over the fence to see what's going on. They've heard the hammering, the power washing; they've noticed cars in the parking lot, heavy locks on the gates, new security signs around the perimeter, piles of trash bags accumulating at the entrance. Seeing these signs of life at the swimming pool that has been like a ghost town the last three years, people initially wondered who was behind all this. As I've noticed them curiously peering in from the parking lot, I've dropped my work tools and headed out to meet them and answer the one question they all have: "Are you opening the pool this summer?!" And I am happy to tell them, "Yes! I am trying to get it re-opened!" I've seen signs of relief on their faces, excitement. I've been transparent and shared that the damage done to the pool by vandals and thieves was significant and costly and the temptation to just take a loss on it and sell it to someone with more time and money was real. But I've also shared that after running a "FSBO" add on craigslist and getting two offers on the pool, I couldn't let it go. One of the offers was from someone north of Devner. Cash. But given the repairs needed, understandably, he made an offer that would have meant a financial loss of $60,000 on my original investment. And it was then that I realized that this pool means more to me than that. I've been in this community for 15 years; I know this community; I have a vision for this pool, and though it would be time consuming and costly, it was a vision worth holding onto. Because the vision wasn't about starting a business. The vision was about re-creating this summer gathering spot that generations of Colorado Springs residents have enjoyed year after year. The vision was about bringing life back to this longtime, local tradition. As I've met the neighbors, the previous members, the residents who didn't even realize the pool existed but who are elated to have discovered it, I believe more than ever that I did the right thing in holding onto the pool and the vision. I've had such a welcoming reception as the new owner, and I'm overwhelmed by the response of the community. I am not Village 7 Swim Club. You are.

So as my new friends and neighbors, I'm asking you to hang in there with me to see this through. The critical pump room repairs WILL be completed, but I can't absolutely guarantee that opening day will be June 21. I'm doing everything in my power to have the pool up and running by then, but given the complexity of swimming pool plumbing, it may require a few extra days. I know, though, that you also believe in this vision and this community. See you at the pool! --Jac

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