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  • Do you sell day passes to the public?
    NO. Our members seek us out for the small town atmosphere of The Swimmery because they prefer to avoid the masses of people at public pools and huge clubs. For this reason, we do not sell day passes to the general public. Members may bring 1 or 2 guests for $15 per guest per day.
  • Do you have to live in Village 7 to be a member?
    No, The Swimmery is a privately-owned pool that welcomes members from all over town. We have folks who drive from Falcon and Black Forest to enjoy the cool vibe of The Swimmery.
  • Do you sell snacks?
    We offer an assortment of pre-packaged chips, ice cream, and beverages.
  • What is your water temperature?
    We keep our water temperature between 79 and 82 degrees. On hotter days, it may get up to 85 or 86 degrees but we have found that our kids and families enjoy the water temperature right around 82 degrees, which is the ideal temperature for both comfort and water quality.
  • How old do kids have to be to go to the pool without an adult?
    Do not ever send a non-swimmer or a weak swimmer to the pool without adult supervision, regardless of age. A leading cause of death among children ages 1-5 is drowning. All children entering the water must pass a swim test. Swimmers ages 11 and older do not require being accompanied by an adult as long as they are well-behaved, follow the rules, and are strong swimmers. Any child or teen who is unruly or a safety risk will be asked to leave. We do offer life vests, but a life vest is not a substitute for adult supervision. Lifeguards are not babysitters. Please plan to vigilantly supervise your children. Teens must be at least 16 years old in order to supervise siblings between the ages of 6 and 11. For example, a 14 year old would not be permitted to come to the pool with a 4 year without adult supervision. A 16 year old, could however, accompany a 7 year old who is a good swimmer, as long as our staff observes the teen vigilantly supervising the younger child. In the event that the teen is not supervising appropriately, our staff has the discretion to send them home or require an adult to join them.
  • What is your weather policy?
    Lightening requires immediate evacuation of the swimmers from the pool and all guests to move to a covered areas until the lightning is at least 10 miles away. We use the Weather Bug app to track lightning and weather, and you can too by entering the pool's address: 4065 Nonchalant Circle S, Colorado Springs, CO 80917. We have remained open through many chilly and rainy days in the event that our members wish to swim, but lightning is a deal breaker. If the weather is miserable and no one has shown up to swim --and lightning is not an issue-- we may do a "soft closure" and leave a number on the gate for you to call if you arrive. With the owner living on-site, she is happy walk over or send a lifeguard over to open back up so you can swim. Afternoon rain showers typically do no cause the pool to close, however, there are several factors that may necessitate closure. a) Weather temperatures in the low 60s (may result in a "soft closure") b) Forecasts calling for more than a 90% chance of rain combined with cooler temps ("soft closure") c) Heavy rain that doesn't let up d) Lightening that doesn't let up
  • Does The Swimmery offer swim lessons?
    Due to a shortage of Red Cross Water Safety Instructors, we are not currently offering lessons in 2024. We recommend Underwater Connection for private lessons. However, if you are a Red Cross-certified Water Safety Instructor or equivalently certified and are interested in offering lessons at The Swimmery, please text us to set up an interview. 719-289-6900. To offer lessons at The Swimmery, you must be WSI (or equivalently) certified, love working with children, pass background checks and have a demonstrated history of successful swim instruction.
  • Do pool hours change after school starts?
    Like many private pools in the area, in the past, we have adjusted our hours when lifeguards are not available after school starts. We work very hard to maintain our regular hours, but if there is no way around it, usually the second or third week of August, we may need to reduce our hours during the week. Because most of our members' children also begin school around the same time, pool usage in August drops dramatically, especially on weekdays. PREPARE FOR REDUCED HOURS IN AUGUST OF 2024. WE ARE FULLY STAFFED THROUGH MID-AUGUST BUT ALMOST ALL OF OUR LIFEGUARDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL OR LEAVE TOWN IN MID AUGUST. We will release our August schedule by August 12, 2024. Our weekend hours remain the same all summer.
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