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Why is The Swimmery opening this summer?

On a personal note, some of you may remember the first summer I opened the pool in 2014. If that summer had been a reality TV show, it would have been called, "Mom Versus Pool." While it sat empty from 2011-2014, it was severely vandalized, and the rehabilitation of it was dependent on the sale of my former marital home. When that sale went through in late May, as a newly divorced, single mom, I "dove in" and started working on it Memorial Day weekend. The next six weeks were a roller coaster of stops, starts, set backs, and victories, and with a Godsend of helpers and some serious determination, we opened to a very small handful of new members on July 6, 2014! 

(Mom 1, Pool 0)


On one hand, I could have made an argument for staying closed this summer, but when I looked back at 2014, I remembered that there is still SO much summer to enjoy in July and August. People have been in quarantine for months, our world is in turmoil, and so many pools are not opening at all. This year, more than ever, we need a summer to enjoy.


Why is The Swimmery opening this summer? Because I want kids to fall asleep at night dreaming about their next day at The Swimmery. I want The Swimmery to give moms and dads the gift of tired-but-happy kids because they've been swimming all day. I want all of our members to refresh and renew themselves in this little slice of Americana, where pool water, sunshine and the sounds of happiness can cleanse their souls. I want The Swimmery to be a place that's off limits to the stresses that plague our world, where we can feel a little bit of normalcy, familiarity and nostalgia.


Why is The Swimmery opening this summer? Because, even with restrictions, we all need this summer, and even with restrictions, The Swimmery makes the world a kinder place.

 Jacquelyn Wright

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