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The Swimmery

4065 Nonchalant Circle South

Colorado Springs, CO  80917


719-291-6897 Direct


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The Swimmery 

1.  We are a slice of vintage, small-town Americana.

 In a town the size of Colorado Springs, it's rare to uncover a place as nostalgic as The Swimmery, It’s one of the few neighborhood pools left in Colorado. Surrounded by trees on an acre of land, it feels as if time has stood still and the stresses of life are a world away. Our members love the uniqueness of a beautiful, private full-size pool located right in the middle of town (Between Powers & Academy just off N. Carefree).


2.  We bring generations together to make summertime memories.   Parents whose kids learned to swim at this pool in years past are now grandparents, and their children and grandchildren are carrying on the tradition.  We know that grandparents help families thrive, and we are the only pool in town to offer a special package for three generations of the same family on the same membership.


3. We only hire friendly staff.

We are so small that we know all our members by name.  Our lifeguards and staff thrive on seeing kids and families swimming, laughing and having fun.  And we certainly won't embarrass members or kids if they accidentally break a rule.  Jacque, the owner, can usually be found, alongside her kids, Ty and Brooke, soaking up the sun and passing out popsicles.     


4.  We have fun!

Whether it's watching a movie under the stars, dancing to a little live music, celebrating with a birthday bash, or enjoying free popsicles on a super hot day, it's all about taking it easy and having a good time.  As they say in Louisiana, where Jacque is from, "Let the good times roll!"







5.  Our swim lessons are taught by lifeguards who are also certified Water Safety Instructors.

Our lifeguards are specifically trained to teach children to swim at every level, and they have fun doing it.  We are the only pool in Colorado Springs that offers the Red Cross standardized learn-to-swim program to non-members.  Families love our swim lessons--and see results.  Even kids who have been afraid of water because of negative experiences learn to feel safe and have fun in the water, which is the basis for all skill development.


  6.  Membership has its privileges.

At The Swimmery, you won't have to deal with the crowds and long lines you often encounter at larger pools, which can circulate literally thousands of guests per day.   We see an average of 75 members per day, so you always have room to spread out and relax.   Because we are a private club, we want all of our members to feel at home around people they know and trust.  Members also enjoy discounts on swim lessons, private parties, and more!


7.  You get just what you want--and a little more. Our families want simplicity:  a nice, private outdoor pool just for the summer, and that's what they get.  They also get to feel comfortable in a place where the staff and other members know and recognize them, where they can text the owner for any reason at all,  where they can keep an eye on their children from any spot on the property, and most of all, where they are not just a number or ID card, but where they welcomed as friends and family.  



Well worth the membership!  Great staff!  Awesome pool and happy kids!"

--Diana Steffes, Member



Mondays.........Closed for Events







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